Broadcast Market

Forget refilling across the xDai Bridge. Play to Earn with Sophon.

Each player only gets one Planet Broadcast per day—don't waste it, you could be getting paid to play!

Just create a new plugin containing:

export { default } from ""

Cash Sell your Broadcast

Every player has a powerful tool at their fingertips—the Planet Broadcast feature, which allows you to reveal the location of any planet in the Dark Forest universe once every 24 hours. Competitive players often need more than a single planet broadcasted, and that's where you come in! By using this Broadcast Market, you can earn xDai just by broadcasting a planet for another player.

Target Purchase Broadcasts

The Broadcast Market is the perfect place to buy access to extra Planet Broadcasts outside of your normal 24-hour restriction. Often the perfect threat to an adversary, put out bounties to broadcast their fragile planets. Being broadcasted is a big frustration because the galaxy views that player's every move. It could even reveal hidden strategies and possibly attract unwanted attention from the biggest empires.

Pencil Fine Print

  • The Broadcast Market contract has not been audited. Please only lockup funds you are capable of losing. Security inquiries contact @sophon_eth on Twitter (DMs are open).
  • The JavaScript plugin is provided as-is. If you are concerned about its security, you can review the unminified code that you load.
  • We take a 20% listing fee (paid by the creators of Broadcast Requests) for posting on the Broadcast Market.
  • The minimum request cost is 1.00 xDai (plus .20 xDai fee) or 1.20 xDai (total).
  • You may request to cancel a Broadcast Request, but it takes 512 blocks to complete and anyone may claim your Broadcast Request during that time.
  • If, after 512 blocks, no one has claimed your Broadcast Request, you can claim a refund (minus listing fee).
  • The Broadcast Market contract exists at 0x05590cF3e2691538A975cbb41A6f1a814cF7FE87. View it on Blockscout.
  • The Broadcast Market closes at Sun Aug 22 2021 09:02:30 GMT-0700, at which point any unclaimed Broadcast Requests will be claimed by the marketplace operators.